Knowledge Counts: Make Your Space Accessible with Josh Peill and Griffin Simony from Shift Accessibility
CIQS Podcast – Knowledge Counts

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During this episode of “Knowledge Counts”, Wendy and her guests, Griffin Simony and Josh Peill, discuss ways to break down the stigma of making residential homes accessible and making it possible for homeowners with disabilities to remain in their homes. They offer options to create an accessible home without making it feel like you are in a hospital when you step into your own home. They discussed how homeowner’s often worry that installing home accessibility products, such as chair lifts, ramps, grab handles, etc, would reduce the property value when instead, they should view it as an investment that will allow them to stay in their home. They mentioned that there are now products on the market for both residential and commercial properties that are designed to fit into a space in an esthetically pleasing way without minimizing the required functionality. Renovating buildings to be accessible can be expensive but there are grants and tax credits available in Canada to help alleviate some of these expenses. Tune into our latest episode to learn more.

Host: Wendy Hobbs, PQS(F)
Guest: Josh Peill and Griffin Simony
Producer: Ryan Schriml



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About Our Guest(s)

Griffin Simony

Griffin is a Civil Engineering Graduate with a passion to enable individuals to stay within their homes alongside their memories and family. He understands the value accessibility has to the public and believes in creating spaces which can be enjoyed by all.

Josh Peill

As a Red Seal Carpenter and Civil Engineering Technologist, Josh brings to SHIFT his many years of experience and drive toward getting projects completed safely and at a high level of quality. He strongly values providing clients with a finished product that allows their space to be barrier-free, but also with an experience they are proud to share with family, friends and colleagues.

SHIFT Accessibility

Shift Accessibility Contractors Ltd. is a general contracting company specializing in accessible and universal construction for homes and businesses throughout Calgary. We work directly with Occupational Therapists, homeowners, architects, and businesses to modify environments, making them accessible and more inclusive for people of all abilities!


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