Congrès 2020 — Winnipeg, Manitoba

9 au 11 juillet 2020

Congrès ICÉC 2020
YQS Social Activity at Stadaconé Distellery, Québec City
Activité sociale YQS à la distellerie Stadaconé (Québec)

Programme de bourses YQS

Le Programme de bourses du Congrès David Lai YQS finance un jeune économiste en construction (YQS) de chaque chapitre au Canada pour assister au Congrès et faire l’expérience de notre conférence annuelle et établir des contacts précieux dans toutes les régions du pays.

Pour être admissibles, les membres ÉCA, ECC et Associés doivent être agés de moins de 40 ans et en règle avec l'Institut. Les soumissions sont examinées et six candidats (un par chapitre) sont invités à assister au congrès de cette année, toutes les dépenses payées. *

Les autres exigences incluent:

  • Documentation décrivant les avantages personnels et techniques qu’ils prévoient obtenir en participant au Congrès;
  • Les aspirations professionnelles et la façon dont la participation au Congrès peut soutenir cela;
  • Compétences/expérience en leadership qui amélioreront la capacité d’avoir un impact sur la profession;
  • Un plan de transfert des connaissances aux pairs à leur retour en milieu de travail; et
  • Une démonstration de la valeur de l’adhésion et de l’implication au sein de l'ICÉC.
* Les dépenses couvertes sont l’inscription au congrès, le billet d’avion aller-retour jusqu’à 1000 $ (au Canada), l’hébergement de 3 nuits, le souper du président, la réception de bienvenue et l’activité sociale.

Si vous êtes un YQS, vous pourriez gagner une trousse du concours YQS, qui comprend:

  Inscription au congrès

  Billet d’avion aller-retour classe économique au Canada

  3 nuits d’hébergement au Hilton Québec

  1 billet pour le souper du président

  Réception de bienvenue YQS

  Activité sociale YQS

Il y a 6 forfaits congrès disponibles,
un récipiendaire par chapitre de l'ICÉC:

  ICÉC – Colombie-Britannique

  ICÉC – Prairies et T. N.-O.

  ICÉC – Ontario

  ICÉC – Québec

  ICÉC – Maritimes

  ICÉC – Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador

Voici les témoignages des récipiendaires des bourses YQS 2019.

Pour en savoir plus sur le Programme de bourses YQS et/ou le processus de soumission, communiquez avec Sharon Lui à

Sami Moufti, PQS

Prairies & NWT Chapter

Senior Consultant at Turner & Townsend

“Looking back at my travel to attend the 2019 CIQS Congress…home may still be the same; and yes, I may have come back to the same old job, but my horizons have truly expanded and that changes everything… Upon my arrival, I was invited to join other YQS members for a warm and lovely welcome reception. This was such a great ice breaker and a perfect opportunity that got young members to socialize and form friendships in the first hour!... In my review, the technical program was a huge success, [which ended with] an eloquent and progressive discussion among panelists who are pioneers of the industry. The discussion was very insightful and offered rich views on significant matters of our profession. Participants on both sides of the table benefited from sharing views on technological advances, the holistic approach to life-cycle estimating, and benchmarking efforts…It is an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the largest national assembly of the Quantity Surveying profession in the country! An event of this kind and scale certainly inspires a lifelong impact on one’s personal and professional life.”

Alexander Ings, Associate

Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter

Cost Consultant at Altus Group

“I found this bursary extremely beneficial as a young quantity surveyor, and especially as a first-time Congress attendee and I hope it continues in the future…The technical sessions that I found the most interesting were…‘Analytical Approach to Problem Solving’ by Michael Zegarelli and ‘Promoting Collective Intelligence by Developing People’ by Catherine Privé…because they were off-topic presentations which I believe is beneficial to include as many attendees are most likely educated on the Quantity Surveyor presentations…If it were not for [the YQS Bursary Program], I most likely would not have attended Congress and am grateful for the opportunity as I now feel inclined to attend future Congresses.”

Daniel Josiah, PQS

Ontario Chapter

Director, Contracts & Commercial at Lakeland Consulting Inc.

“Attending the CIQS 2019 Congress in Quebec City was a positive sharing and learning experience. In addition to meeting new people, I was fortunate to learn many new technical aspects as I continue my journey as a professional Quantity Surveyor…Following the technical sessions, there was an evening social activity for young quantity surveyors held at the Stadaconé Distillery. We were given a tour of the distillery…with a unique aspect as they have incorporated an escape room activity within the tour. It was also great having our Executive Director, Sheila Lennon, and David Dooks, the CIQS Chair participate…I would like to thank CIQS for providing me this opportunity and a happy 60th anniversary.”

Gabriel Effiong Esu, PQS

British Columbia Chapter

Senior Quantity Surveyor at ACCIONA

“I want to express my sincere appreciation to the CIQS family for the rare privilege granted me to enjoy the Bursary, and in a special way, the CIQS Executive Directors, Sheila Lennon and her team for the diligent organization of the programme…I simply have only good things to say…By 5:15pm when the last [technical] session ended, there was absolutely no doubt that tons of knowledge and rich professional insights had been gained in generous measure, and there was no doubt that every single delegate walked out of that hall a better and more informed Quantity Surveyor…Another high point for me was the opportunity to mingle with other young Quantity Surveyors…we formed a WhatsApp group just to keep the fire burning after the Congress…What we have in CIQS is great, and I hope we can keep nurturing it to greater heights for the future generations of Quantity Surveyors. I have already packed up for the next Congress in Manitoba in 2020.”