The CIQS Board is a national board that reflects the needs of quantity surveyors and construction estimators across the country. The Board consists of the following positions:

  • A Chair and Vice-Chair
  • A Secretary/Treasurer and Registrar
  • An Education Director
  • One member representing all other regional chapters not represented by the Vice-Chair
  • The immediate Past Chair
  • Executive Director (non-voting)

The CIQS Executive Board (Officers) includes the Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Director. 

For a term of one year, the Chair oversees the administration of CIQS in accordance with the Institute’s By laws. The Chair is also a member ex officio of all committees.

The Vice-Chair perform the duties required in the Chair’s absence. 

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for programming and finance, while the Registrar oversees membership registration and issuing diplomas.

The Past President represents the CIQS Members at Large on Board.