Value Engineering with Alex Marsh, Managing Director, QSSI
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During this episode of Knowledge Counts, Wendy and her guest, Alex Marsh, discuss the two main types of Value Engineering, CapEx (capital expenses) and OpEx (operational expenditures). Value engineering may be perceived as solely cost cutting or replacing designer recommended material with comparable material at a lower cost. Mr. Marsh explains that although this is part of the equation, there is much more to value engineering than getting the same results at a lesser price. The discussion offers great examples of value management and why it is important to account for the value of an asset to the customer as that may play differently than the actual financial value of the item or project.

Host: Wendy Hobbs, PQS(F)
Guest: Alex Marsh, Msc, PQS, GSC, AssocRICS
Producer: Ryan Schriml



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About Our Guest(s)

Alex Marsh, Managing Director, QSSI

Alex Marsh is the Managing Director of Quantity Surveying Services International Ltd. (QSSI). He holds a PQS designation from CIQS, a Gold Seal Certification in Estimation from CCA and has 20 years of construction industry experience in the field of quantity surveying. He was trained as a Quantity Surveyor and Commercial Manager in the UK, moved to Canada in 2012 and incorporated QSSI in 2015. He has worked on a wide range of construction projects, including hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, listed buildings, multi-million single family residences and high-volume government refurbishment projects. Some of his experience includes legal and contractual negotiation, risk analysis, cost planning and reporting and value engineering.


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