Preserving Our Past – Structural Monitoring of Heritage Structures
CIQS Podcast – Knowledge Counts

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In this episode of Knowledge Counts, we speak with Dr. Penelope Shrive, a structural engineer, about non-destructive monitoring of heritage structures and the lessons we can learn from preserving the past.

Host: Wendy Hobbs, PQS(F)
Guest: Penelope Shrive, Ph.D, P.Eng.
Producer: Ryan Schriml



This episode is eligible for 1 CPD Point

About Our Guest

Penelope Shrive, Ph.D, P.Eng

Penelope joined SAIT as an instructor in 2016 with a PhD and 11 years of structural engineering experience. She’s pursuing a career that has included many diverse roles, responsibilities and experiences.

Penelope’s project experience has covered projects in many building sectors and includes structural design, analysis, assessments, contract administration and structural monitoring. Her main interests are in historical construction, the assessment, rehabilitation and renovation of existing structures, and analysis of buildings. To complement the skills developed through her project experience, Penelope keeps her technical skills honed by participating in classes offered on historical construction, rehabilitation techniques and analysis of all structure types in all building materials.

Penelope enjoys traveling and hiking amongst other outdoor activities. She has a wonderfully quirky dog that loves to join her on her many outdoor adventures.


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