Smart Economics in the Development of Real Estate

CIQS is proud to announce the publication of a new book "Smart Economics in the Development of Real Estate" by Jim Cuthbert, PQS (F).

This book has a unique question and answer format, which is both explicit, and rational, and demonstrates how to “crunch the numbers” on Development Projects. Fifteen case studies, all based on actual developments, cover residential projects, both for sales and for rent, commercial projects, and residential sub-division site servicing. Also covered are Build versus Lease Studies, and Life Cycle Costing applications, as well as the methodology for both Feasibility and Market Studies. The case study on the Monitoring of Real Estate Loans explains valuation on a “cost to complete” basis, insisted on by all lenders, very different from the valuation on a “work done” or “work in place” basis expected by contractors. A simple Reserve Fund Study for a small Alberta condominium, rounds out the case studies. A comprehensive glossary of real estate terms is provided, in addition to time and money calculations from basic formulae, and mortgage, future value, and present value tables. Real estate students studying Development Economics will find this book an exceptional aid to their studies, and seasoned real estate professionals, and those associated with real estate development will find this an excellent reference tool.

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