Highlights of the Speech from the Throne

CIQS has taken steps to push the federal government to accelerate infrastructure funding as a key driver of Canada’s economic recovery.

In our most recent submission to government we highlighted major concerns on job sites and in the tendering process that face PQS’ and CECs as businesses and communities adapt to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also wrote to the Prime Minister, and met with senior officials in the office of the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada to demonstrate the important role that our members can play in ensuring every dollar spent on construction in Canada is spent optimally, and bottlenecks are avoided.

Yesterday’s Speech from the Throne made it clear our concerns were heard. The government will speed up investments in infrastructure to fuel Canada’s economic recovery. We anticipate this will take the shape of accelerating delivery of funds through existing programs, but it could also mean new programs that are directly focused on green infrastructure, as well as energy efficiency overhauls. The government will also invest in new housing spaces and, likely, new childcare spaces to fulfill its commitment to nationwide early childhood learning. These investments, if quickly delivered, will provide a boon for construction economists in Canada.

In addition, initiatives are already underway to develop and deliver personal protective equipment, and to train and re-skill workers for available jobs, many of which are in the construction sector. These approaches, if properly implemented, could provide greater ease of delivery for ongoing projects. Finally, an effort to eliminate interprovincial trade barriers will renew the effort to reduce project costs by harmonizing building codes and product standards which we hope will support timely and efficient delivery of products and supplies to job sites across Canada.

We are optimistic and our efforts are just beginning to ensure the government follows through on these commitments with CIQS’ advice and support.

Click here to view the full Speech from the Throne.