Call for Spokespeople

Call for Spokespeople

Definition: A spokesperson is a person who represents a company, industry or cause.

CIQS is currently looking for members interested in representing the organization in media interviews and/or conferences as subject matter experts, at school career fairs and presentations, internal interviews for promotional material and presenters at CIQS/industry events.

Our spokespeople will be:

  • able to deliver a cohesive message to build and maintain our brand’s official position on various matters;
  • a strong public speaker;
  • diplomatic and able to think on their feet while keeping within the message parameters;
  • an active listener (able to concentrate fully on the question rather than thinking of what to say next);
  • a careful speaker who thinks before they speak and understands the importance of not oversharing (answer only the question asked);
  • able to build trust and credibility for themselves and the organization;
  • confident building relationship/networking.

CIQS will offer our spokespeople:

  • official media training to make you comfortable dealing with media, speak in front of a camera or a crowd;
  • presentation tools appropriate to the situation (marketing material, PowerPoint presentation, etc);
  • all events/interviews are managed by National staff and consultants and they will match the event/interview with the spokesperson based on industry experience, logistics and interest.

We strive to offer our spokespeople as much as lead time as possible for speaking opportunities with the exception of media interviews, especially situations where CIQS is asked to offer a comment to a story. In those situations, the journalist is often on tight deadlines and there will be a very small window for us to respond. Our spokespeople will therefore be asked to make themselves available for these opportunities on short notice. These days, most interviews can be done remotely either via phone or online via Skype or similar software.

Interested parties are asked to send a copy of their CV along with a brief cover listing the following:

  • past experience dealing with media (if any);
  • presentation experience;
  • areas of industry expertise;
  • logistical areas willing to travel to for presentations/training.

Interested in: (mark all that apply)

  • presenter at CIQS events (such as introducing a presenter)
  • media spokesperson
  • present at school careers fairs, tradeshows, career meetings
  • CIQS promotional videos
  • government relations

CIQS Spokesperson Application Form

Submit Application Form, CV and cover letter to Alexandra Parliament at

Submission deadline: Monday, January 20, 2020